Diversified transportation Brokerage


Southeast Vocational Alliance is a full service diversified transportation Brokerage.


SVA Logistics was created as a non-profit specifically so that we would never lose sight of who we are and what we are here to do – help people. Everything in our system is designed to put our veterans and customers interest over the bottom line.


Southeast Vocational Alliance employs transportation technology that greatly enhances productivity by reducing cost and time associated with freight and parcel shipping.

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Critical and Expedited Freight Services

Is a full service diversified transportation Brokerage. Specializing in moving your freight in the most efficient, and cost effective manner possible. Whether you have a domestic Full Truckload, Partial Truckload, Less-Than-Load (LTL), Intermodal Service or you need quick air delivery or a specialized truck. Southeast Vocational Alliance personal attention and professional approach can get it to the destination as specified and keep you informed along the way.

The goal of Southeast Vocational Alliance is to be a vital part of your operation by complimenting or operating as your shipping department. It is our commitment to provide total logistic solutions for all of your shipping needs.

  • Approved provider of Brokerage services through SDDC for DOD
  • Express service anywhere in the continental United States, Mexico and Canada
  • Non-stop, door-to-door or door-to-port service
  • Satellite tracking
  • Air ride suspension
  • Full range temperature control
  • Customized vehicles available
  • Logistics trailer (Pad wrap) available
  • Multiple stop-offs for pick-up and delivery
  • Price, pick-up time and delivery time quoted when you call or log on
  • Higher cargo insurance coverage available